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Sir Bobby Robson article on Ultra United

Sir Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager

The ‘Sir Bobby Robson: More than a Manager’ documentary is still available to watch worldwide on Netflix. I don’t ask much of most people – in fact anybody, really! I feel like that the best

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Blackburn Rovers article on Ultra United.

Why Blackburn Rovers Only Did It Once

In this case, ‘it’ refers to winning the Premier League – which Blackburn Rovers only managed to do on a single occasion. Oh … right, I forgot to provide a little disclaimer, so I might

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Dimitar Berbatov at Manchester United

Giving Dimitar Berbatov the Credit He Deserves!

Let’s just say that Dimitar Berbatov was never your ‘conventional’ striker, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t brilliant. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that his playmaking and less selfish efforts gave rise to some

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