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Ed Woodward Resigned

Ding Dong, Ed Woodward is GONE!

In what has been a truly extraordinary past few days in the world of our beloved game, this is one twist that will delight fans the world over. As a Manchester United fan myself, I

Roy Makaay at Deportivo
The 'National Treasures'

Roy Makaay: The ‘Dutch Dynamite’ of Deportivo (1999-’03)

Across his illustrious CV, Roy Makaay’s lethal ability to strike the ball terrorised defences all over Europe but, it was his remarkable achievements at Deportivo La Coruña that are still remembered today. Cushioned volleys, neat finishes, audacious

Emiliano Martinez

The Sudden Rise of Emiliano Martinez

A season which I’m sure many Aston Villa fans will remember fondly for their team’s overall performance, ‘Villains’ the world over must marvel at the striking development of their stopper, Emiliano Martinez. At the age

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