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Agustin Delgado
Football Manager

Agustín Delgado: The Ultimate Cheap Striker of FM ’07

If your immediate thought wasn’t to hope on the Transfer Market and search for a transfer listed striker, then what game did you even play? As reality would have it, Agustin Delgado would be remembered

Gary Lineker in Japan with Nagoya Grampus Eight
Ultra Asia

Gary Lineker & His Delightful Japan Trip in ’92

Apparently, a lot of the football media gave the poor lad a bit of stick about this move, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Being as open and honest and I can, you’re

Denilson at Real Betis

*Fresh Eyes* on Denílson’s Big Betis Move in ’98

Let me tell you something, the general response to transfer stories like this really do grind my gears! If you do a quick Google search on pretty much anything to do with Denílson’s move to

John Obi Mikel Transfer
Ultra Africa

The Twisted Transfer Tale of John Obi Mikel!

I was watching an old ‘Sky Sports’ airing of a Chelsea game from 2015, and it got me thinking a little bit when I saw that midfield. Depending on who you support, the name ‘John

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