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Michael Owen at Real Madrid
Ultra Kingdom

Michael Owen & His Inspiring Real Madrid Mindset

You ever heard that phrase, ‘pressure makes diamonds’? While it’s true, pressure can make rubble too! Hehe, that rhymed. It’s my personal opinion that Michael Owen is grossly under-appreciated for just how good he was

N'Golo Kante at SM Caen
Ultra Europa

The Early Signs of the Brilliance of N’Golo Kanté

Nowadays, we know him as perhaps the most likeable multi-champion in world football, but even the greatest have to start somewhere … Prior to becoming the loveable icon we all appreciate today, N’Golo Kanté was

Les Ferdinand
The 'Local Lads'

Sir Les Ferdinand’s Insane Initiation w/ Beşiktaş in ’88

We shouldn’t speak ill of another country’s customs, but let’s just say that this is … rather unusual to those unaccustomed with such practises. To the millennials of today, Les Ferdinand’s entire introduction into the

David Ginola

David Ginola & His Superman Season in ’98/’99

In a season where Manchester United would go where none had gone before, it was expected that one of United’s immortal treble winners would receive the ever-coveted ‘PFA Player of the Year Award’ Hell, even

John Arne Riise
The 'Cult Heroes'

PSA: Stay Away from John Arne Riise’s Left Foot!

There are certain players that just stand out for a particular attribute, so here’s my own recollection of Liverpool’s Norwegian left-back. Coming off the back of being a regular at AS Monaco, John Arne Riise

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