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Lionel Messi Copa America - Ultra UTD
Primera Ultra

Lionel Messi & His Huge Copa America (2021) Task 🐐

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo won the Euro 2016 Championships with Portugal, the conversation between the two has slipped in favour of the Juve star. But come this Sunday, the seesaw could be realigned … An

Ali Daei
The 'National Treasures'

Ali Daei: The Ultimate Forgotten National Hero of the 90’s

If you were asked to name the top men’s international goal scorer of all time I imagine your answers would all be largely similar. Like Ronaldo, Messi, Pele – something of that nature. But anyone

Giovanni van Bronckhorst

Giovanni van Bronckhorst & His Barca Revival in ’03

Those of who who know about the Dutchman will know his career was slightly … ‘unconventional’. Giovanni van Bronckhorst began life back home in Holland with Feyenoord before a real cross-roads moment came into fruition

Denmark at Euro 2021

Assessing Denmark’s Bright Chances ahead of Euro 2021

Are we still calling it Euro 2020 … even though it’s happening in 2021? If so, then will every future one be in odd numbered years instead of the traditional even? Anyway, we digress, let’s

Paul Gascoigne
The 'National Treasures'

The Modern Reincarnations of Paul Gascoigne (Part 2)

As we’ve stated earlier on in this series … his name is Paul Gascoigne – one of England’s most naturally gifted footballers. And here are two other players who show signs of potentially carrying on his

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