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The ‘National Treasures’

Ronaldinho at PSG - Ultra UTD
Primera Ultra

Ronaldinho & His Powerful PSG Move in 2001 🗼

A player revered for how he joyously he played the game of football, it’s worth remembering that there was a lot of resilience behind that grin to make his dreams a reality … Pivotal to

Michael Owen at Real Madrid
Ultra Kingdom

Michael Owen & His Inspiring Real Madrid Mindset

You ever heard that phrase, ‘pressure makes diamonds’? While it’s true, pressure can make rubble too! Hehe, that rhymed. It’s my personal opinion that Michael Owen is grossly under-appreciated for just how good he was

England Strikers for Euro 2021

Solving England’s Euro 2021 ‘Second Striker’ Problem

Gareth Southgate’s Euro 2021 squad is looking extremely stacked, all over the pitch, and that centre forward spot is no exception. Although Harry Kane has had that role locked down for England this tournament, as

Ali Daei
The 'National Treasures'

Ali Daei: The Ultimate Forgotten National Hero of the 90’s

If you were asked to name the top men’s international goal scorer of all time I imagine your answers would all be largely similar. Like Ronaldo, Messi, Pele – something of that nature. But anyone

Walter Samuel
The 'National Treasures'

The Steely Defensive Approach of Walter Samuel

We’ve talked a lot about Serie A defending here on this platform, and there’s no doubting their credentials in this area of the pitch. In his own way, Walter Samuel must be considered to be

Ultra Africa

Why Every Team NEEDS a Geremi

A kind of player which transcends the various eras of this wonderful, having a stable utility man is something that will always be treasured. Throughout his career, Geremi has proven to be a very dependable

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