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About Us

You know, the term ‘ultra’ can be a bad one to throw around. But we want to change that!

Let’s face it, just think of an ultra and you’ll most likely conjure up an image of some hooligan getting too drunk or probably throwing a flare around before declaring their intention to ‘chin ya’. But in reality, these are groups formed of working-class people who love to do little else than fight for their team’s honour. Unfortunately, some groups take it a little too far, but at Ultra UTD. (‘Ultra United’), we aren’t about that.

We just love football, plain and simple. Regardless of who you support or play for, the game reigns supreme. In line with this, we are an independent source for bringing to light the stories that make the sport what it is. We celebrate the best that it has to offer, and look at things in a way which very few other media sources do. 

So, if you’re someone who loves the game of football like we do, and would like to learn more about how it’s played all over the world. Then … you’re in the right place!

Explaining Our Motto:

At Ultra UTD, our writers pride themselves on their impartial opinions. To us, it doesn’t matter who we support or who we should hate – football comes first. And our motto reflects this …

  • No Bias‘ = Being fair in our evaluation of teams, moments and players we might not even like!
  • No Shame‘ = Denouncing the behaviour of those who give the word ‘ultra’ a bad rep.
  • Just Our Beautiful Game‘ = Exactly what you think it means. 

Established towards the back end of 2020 (forever called ‘The Year that Must Not be Named’), Ultra United was thought of by the founder as a way of celebrating Ultra culture from around the football world.

Founding Ultra‘, Dev Bajwa is a football fanatic and has been since he was born. But if you were to ask him who his favourite team was, he’d struggle to give just one answer. He’s supported Manchester United since he was a child, but has always been fond of many different football cultures and teams around the globe – to the point where he almost has a favourite team for every different league. But what’s wrong with that?  To him, absolutely nothing. Football is football. It’s born in different places and comes in different forms. All of which are special, and worthy of their own ‘ultra’ following.

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