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Telling Football’s
Favourite Stories

From the Fans Who Lived Them

Football is nothing without the fans.

And luckily, there are billions of us.

Every single one of us can recall moments, players and teams that helped us fall in love with the game of football.

The purpose of Ultra UTD is to bring all of these stories into one place for anybody and everybody to read and enjoy. Some you may know, and others you may not…

… but that’s the point, I guess!


Our Latest Posts

This week’s feature is:

‘David Villa: The Flawless Talisman of Valencia [2005-14]’

What an incredible player he was!

Sure, he might have enjoyed some of his better days when he made his long, protracted move to FC Barcelona, but he is a relic of the great times gone by at Valencia.

Where he arguably became the most efficient and intimidating forward players on the planet.

What a time to be alive for Valencia fans, ey?


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