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Wembley FC article on Ultra UTD

Welcome to Vale Farm: The Home of Wembley FC

In the shadow of the famous stadium’s ark located about two miles away, lies the humble abode of amateur side Wembley FC. Unlike the majority of our articles here at Ultra UTD, this is an

Maracana Stadium article on Ultra UTD

The Traumatic Beginnings of the Maracanã (1950)

Pele’s 1000th goal. Maradona’s first Copa America. Messi’s only World Cup final. The Maracanã Stadium has been the host of history since its creation. We all want to be back. Sitting in your favourite stand, eating

Barnet FC article on Ultra UTD.

‘The Hive’ – Barnet FC’s New Modern Home

I went to Barnet FC with very little pre-conceptions in mind. Yet even then, I was rather surprised when I arrived at the Hive. In case you were wondering, no, I am not a fan

Salford City Stadium article on Ultra United

My Visit to Salford City’s Peninsula Stadium

If you’ve ever watched Sky Sports’ Salford City documentary, then you’ve probably thought about making your way to down to see it in person. Well, I’m a classic case in point. Ever since the documentary

Tottenham Stadium article on Ultra United

The Sound Ceiling at Tottenham’s New Home

A lot of thought went into the ‘Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’ – so I guess they ran out of the stuff when it came to the name! Joining a long list of topflight English football teams

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