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Ronaldinho at PSG - Ultra UTD
Primera Ultra

Ronaldinho & His Powerful PSG Move in 2001 🗼

A player revered for how he joyously he played the game of football, it’s worth remembering that there was a lot of resilience behind that grin to make his dreams a reality … Pivotal to

Rafael van der Vaart at Spurs
Ultra Kingdom

When Rafael van Der Vaart Surprisingly Came to Spurs in 2010

It’s an expectable career progression, right? Breaking through the famous Ajax system. Being poached by Real Madrid. Before being shipped off to Spurs. Yeah … completely expected. When talking about some of my favourite playmakers

Michael Owen at Real Madrid
Ultra Kingdom

Michael Owen & His Inspiring Real Madrid Mindset

You ever heard that phrase, ‘pressure makes diamonds’? While it’s true, pressure can make rubble too! Hehe, that rhymed. It’s my personal opinion that Michael Owen is grossly under-appreciated for just how good he was

John Obi Mikel Transfer
Ultra Africa

The Twisted Transfer Tale of John Obi Mikel!

I was watching an old ‘Sky Sports’ airing of a Chelsea game from 2015, and it got me thinking a little bit when I saw that midfield. Depending on who you support, the name ‘John

Andriy Shevchenko at West Ham
The 'Global Icons'

When West Ham ‘Rejected’ Andriy Shevchenko in ’92

So there I was, just listening to a ‘Transfer Talk’ podcast at the gym, whereupon this strange ol’ story came blaring through my headphones. Anyone who follows my content whatsoever knows my feelings towards Andriy

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