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During the Messi & Ronaldo Era (2003-)

Rafael van der Vaart at Spurs
Ultra Kingdom

When Rafael van Der Vaart Surprisingly Came to Spurs in 2010

It’s an expectable career progression, right? Breaking through the famous Ajax system. Being poached by Real Madrid. Before being shipped off to Spurs. Yeah … completely expected. When talking about some of my favourite playmakers

El Clásico 2010

When ‘El Clasico’ Became a Barça Masterclass in 2010

This article is written in remembrance of a match which occurred on 29th November 2010 between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Hereby known as ‘The Thrashing at the Camp Nou’ Being arguably the biggest fixture

John Arne Riise
The 'Cult Heroes'

PSA: Stay Away from John Arne Riise’s Left Foot!

There are certain players that just stand out for a particular attribute, so here’s my own recollection of Liverpool’s Norwegian left-back. Coming off the back of being a regular at AS Monaco, John Arne Riise

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