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The New World Order Era (1992-2003)

I know WWF had their own version, but ‘The New World Order’ at Ultra UTD is in respect of the year of 1992 – where almost everything changed!

Robbie Fowler at Liverpool

Robbie Fowler: The Toxteth Terror who Became ‘God’

Affectionately so-termed by almost all Liverpool supporters, he certainly lives omnipresent in the memories of most Premier League followers. Some will remember Robbie Fowler for the 163 Premier League goals he scored; thus, securing his position as the 7th highest scorer in the league’s history.  Others remember his audacious antics.… Read More »Robbie Fowler: The Toxteth Terror who Became ‘God’


Why Every Team NEEDS a Geremi

A kind of player which transcends the various eras of this wonderful, having a stable utility man is something that will always be treasured. Throughout his career, Geremi has proven to be a very dependable defender/midfielder. Tbh, I’m surprised the Cameroonian hasn’t been trialled out… Read More »Why Every Team NEEDS a Geremi