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‘The Football Spider Web’ by Dev Bajwa

The Football Spider Web on Ultra UTD.

Introducing … ‘The Football Spider Web: How the Beautiful Game has Evolved’ … by Dev Bajwa! Yes! That’s me!

Let’s be real, I couldn’t really begin this new chapter of Ultra UTD with the ‘Library’ without talking about one of the proudest achievements of my life, and don’t worry, I’m going to do my best to not sound so biased in all of this, if anything, I’d really like it to prove a helpful article for fellow small writers out there too! But if I were you, I’d start with something a little simpler and less research-consuming than what ‘The Football Spider Web’ turned out to be.

Don’t get me wrong, when you’re interested in something as much as I am about the world of football, then the researching process is actually quite an enjoyable one – especially when it navigates through the timeline upon which this book was written, and the parameters within which the journey is set to course through. I mean, to write about a single topic is one thing, but when this one theory encompasses a whole heap of stuff, things can be a little tough to keep tabs on. So, little tip: keep things simple at first and allow the idea to organically grow from that root.

As mentioned, ‘The Football Spider Web’ had a slightly more complicated research process in order to make the end product as simple as possible – and it’s this result which makes me the most proud of this book. Because despite the amount of time taken to write it, at its core, it’s a simple, condensed and informative narrative which takes the reader through the last 50 years of football history– while linking up the pieces which relate with one-another to bring us from past to present.

When doing a book like this (or one more specific), it’s also good to have a particular reference point from which many of your key points can emerge. But again, this concept of a ‘web’ means that many different things come into the equation to form the overall picture. So, I don’t just talk about how the fundamentals of the technical game changed over time, nor its increase in commercialism and financial focus – all of them are important to the story, and ‘The Football Spider Web’ brings a lot of these different features together and explains it in a simple way to the reader.

” While writing it, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t alienate anybody. I want it to be for the football nerds, and those who want to learn – and it’s heart to strike that balance. But I hope that ‘The Football Spider Web’ has been doing that thus far! “

Dev Bajwa
Author of ‘The Football Spider Web’

The book itself spans across thirty different chapters throughout these fifty years, and it’s around 400 pages of transfer talk, business ideals, uncovered stories, the conversations we never knew and the people that made it all possible. It’s the culmination of around a full year of research – which involved physical readings, net research, regular documentary appointments and IRL visits with influential people in the field. And to put it plainly, I loved every damn second of it!

Having worked so hard on it, I decided to self-publish the book via Amazon’s KDP publishing network (which I’ll discuss at a later date for those that are interested in doing the same). And it’s available on Amazon Prime via Kindle and Paperback by clicking the link below. Feel free to check it out for a more in-depth analysis on the book description (describing some of the figures that are mentioned in particular) and enjoy the free excerpt which is available without even needing to purchase!

‘The Football Spider Web’ is available now exclusively on Amazon as a priority to Prime customers. Get yours now!

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