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Sir Bobby Robson

An Ultra United Tribute to the Great Sir Bobby Robson

It seems quite apt that, this Father’s Day, we remember one of the game’s most familial figures from the hot seat. There are very few people I get wistful and misty-eyed about, but Sir Bobby

Les Ferdinand
The 'Local Lads'

Sir Les Ferdinand’s Insane Initiation w/ Beşiktaş in ’88

We shouldn’t speak ill of another country’s customs, but let’s just say that this is … rather unusual to those unaccustomed with such practises. To the millennials of today, Les Ferdinand’s entire introduction into the

Josh Maja
The 'Local Lads'

Josh Maja’s Majestic Sunderland Season in 2018

It’s certainly been a fall from grace for Sunderland AFC, but they’ve had a few things to get excited about in recent years. Among them, the emergence of a young and exciting striker named ‘Josh

Jack Collison at West Ham
The 'Local Lads'

The Streets Will Never Forget … Jack Collison

In this case, we’re referring to the East London streets somewhere near the Olympic Stadium. Excuse me, I mean the O-G Boleyn Ground! If you ask any West Ham fan about Jack Collison, there is a strong guarantee

The Gary Neville Podcast
Stuff to Listen to

Introducing ‘The Gary Neville Podcast’

Given his rise through the media punditry ranks at Sky, it seemed as though the invention of ‘The Gary Neville Podcast was nigh-on inevitable! As a Manchester United fan, I will always hold a very

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