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England Fans at Euro 2020 - Ultra UTD

An Open, Honest Letter to England Fans 🦁 …

The life of a Three Lions supporter hasn’t been the easiest since the famous World Cup triumph of 1966, but certain things need to be said following this summer’s European Championship campaign. Ever since a

Lionel Messi Copa America - Ultra UTD
Primera Ultra

Lionel Messi & His Huge Copa America (2021) Task 🐐

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo won the Euro 2016 Championships with Portugal, the conversation between the two has slipped in favour of the Juve star. But come this Sunday, the seesaw could be realigned … An

England Strikers for Euro 2021

Solving England’s Euro 2021 ‘Second Striker’ Problem

Gareth Southgate’s Euro 2021 squad is looking extremely stacked, all over the pitch, and that centre forward spot is no exception. Although Harry Kane has had that role locked down for England this tournament, as

Danny Welbeck

Explaining Danny Welbeck’s Revival at Brighton

Sometimes, it just takes a little change of scenery to shake things up for a stagnant patch in a footballer’s career. To be fair, if you ask many fans on their opinion of Danny Welbeck,

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