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Zonal Marking Review on Ultra UTD

‘Zonal Marking’ by Michael Cox (May, 2019)

In one of the most engaging reads that you’ll pick up from any good book shop. Today, we talk about Michael Cox’ ‘Zonal Marking’. Whilst enjoying the mostly polished sport that we know today, it

Football Books

5 Football Books To Keep You SANE in Lockdown!

Usually, times like these rely on Netflix or Amazon Prime to get through. But these football books could really help to diversify your downtime this winter! 5. Johan Cruyff: ‘My Turn’ Beginning easily with one

Shay Given

Shay Given: ‘Any Given Saturday’

So often we see book titles be far more boring than the content. But credit to Shay Given here … and it really sets the tone! When you’re from the UK, you are ensconced within

Didier Drogba book article on Ultra UTD.

Didier Drogba: ‘Commitment’ – My Autobiography

If you’ve ever wondered what drove Didier Drogba to do what he’s done … then here’s your chance to find out! Ark your head and attention away from this article for a brief moment and

Kevin Keegan article on Ultra UTD.

Kevin Keegan: ‘My Life in Football’

I tell you what, for someone as trailblazing as Kevin Keegan, I expected a little more creativity when it came to titling this. Then again, I suppose it does exactly what it says on the

Michael Carrick book article on Ultra UTD.

Michael Carrick: ‘Between the Lines’

Let’s face it, you think of the term ‘underrated’ in football … and you’re probably thinking of Michael Carrick! Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to being valued by your peers, I reckon Michael

Johan Cruyff Article on Ultra UTD

Johan Cruyff: ‘My Turn’

IMO, all books should have you feeling some kind of way. And for biography lovers, this Johan Cruyff production is one of the best! If you’ve been a regular visitor to the Ultra UTD site,

The Football Spider Web on Ultra UTD.

‘The Football Spider Web’ by Dev Bajwa

Introducing … ‘The Football Spider Web: How the Beautiful Game has Evolved’ … by Dev Bajwa! Yes! That’s me! Let’s be real, I couldn’t really begin this new chapter of Ultra UTD with the ‘Library’

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