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England Fans at Euro 2020 - Ultra UTD

An Open, Honest Letter to England Fans 🦁 …

The life of a Three Lions supporter hasn’t been the easiest since the famous World Cup triumph of 1966, but certain things need to be said following this summer’s European Championship campaign. Ever since a

Sir Bobby Robson

An Ultra United Tribute to the Great Sir Bobby Robson

It seems quite apt that, this Father’s Day, we remember one of the game’s most familial figures from the hot seat. There are very few people I get wistful and misty-eyed about, but Sir Bobby

Sir Matt Busby at Manchester United

Sir Matt Busby’s Beautiful Attacking Football Mantra

Football was certainly very different ‘back in the day’ and it took some pioneering figures to change the view of the game from an outsiders’ POV. All things considered, Sir Matt Busby must go down

Alexandre Pato at AC Milan

The Unfortunate Development of Alexandre Pato

We usually brag about how positive we are here at Ultra United, but it’s similarly important to highlight issues like these for players where history seems to relentlessly repeat itself … Right now, stop what

Luka Modric Ballon Dor

How to Silence the Haters w/ Luka Modrić

If you ever need some reason to generally reject some of the garbage the wider media throws at you, then this is for you. Over time, Luka Modric has proven himself to be one of

Denilson at Real Betis

*Fresh Eyes* on Denílson’s Big Betis Move in ’98

Let me tell you something, the general response to transfer stories like this really do grind my gears! If you do a quick Google search on pretty much anything to do with Denílson’s move to

Henrik Larsson Helsingborgs
The 'Cult Heroes'

How to Keep Your Promises w/ Henrik Larsson

Sometimes football players can teach us all a thing or two, and the personification of Swedish class himself is no different … There’s simply no doubting the fact that Henrik Larsson has had a mostly

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