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Of course, Ultra United (‘Ultra UTD‘) wouldn’t be the proud platform it is today without the solid effort of these contributing writers. So here’s a little more about them … Dev Bajwa Having founded Ultra

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Coming in September 2021, the full Ultra United shop will have what ever ultra needs: Bespoke and personalised hoodies of your favourite teams and players Notebook and office stationery that represent your favourite clubs Accessories

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Who we are Ultra United / ‘Ultra UTD.’ is a football-based journalist website which focuses on the stories from around the world that help us fall in love with the beautiful game. Official web address:

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At Ultra United (‘Ultra UTD.’), we are always looking to engage with people who love the game as much as we do. If you’re interesting in writing for us and would like to gain some

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You know, the term ‘ultra’ can be a bad one to throw around. But we want to change that! Let’s face it, just think of an ultra and you’ll most likely conjure up an image

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