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Football Manager

Agustin Delgado
Football Manager

Agustín Delgado: The Ultimate Cheap Striker of FM ’07

If your immediate thought wasn’t to hope on the Transfer Market and search for a transfer listed striker, then what game did you even play? As reality would have it, Agustin Delgado would be remembered

Anthony Vanden Borre
Football Manager

Anthony Vanden Borre: FM’s King of Versatility (2007)

Sometimes you need that kind of ‘utility player‘ to provide your squad with the cover it needs to sustain its talent. And Anthony Vanden Borre is a case which blows this low-cost thinking out the

Vincent Enyeama FM article on Ultra UTD
Football Manager

Vincent Enyeama: FM’s Bargain GK Find! (2007)

Certain things just become routine in our lives. Eating. Sleeping. Buying Vincent Enyeama on FM ’07 … repeat! Out of all the Football Manager games over the years, there are some that stick out for

Kerlon article for Ultra UTD
Football Manager

Kerlon: FM’s Special Seal-Dribbler! (2007)

Listen, some of us like playing with the ball at our feet, and Kerlon likes playing with it on his head … don’t you judge him! Despite having one of the e-Sports communities’ most comprehensive

Balazs Dzsudzsak
The 'Cult Heroes'

Balazs Dzsudzsak: FM’s Favourite Hungarian! (2007-08)

If you haven’t had to google how to spell Balazs Dzsudzsak’s name when starting up an FM 07 save, then I’m here to call ‘BS’ on that! What people really need to understand in the

Freddy Adu Article

Freddy Adu: The Original FM ‘Wonderkid’

You ever heard of the name ‘Freddy Adu’ before, well if you have, then you’re either a die-hard MLS fan, or Football Manager veteran. Easily one of the greatest games every created for football nerds

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