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Johan Cruyff Article on Ultra UTD

Johan Cruyff: ‘My Turn’

IMO, all books should have you feeling some kind of way. And for biography lovers, this Johan Cruyff production is one of the best! If you’ve been a regular visitor to the Ultra UTD site,

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The Football Spider Web on Ultra UTD.

‘The Football Spider Web’ by Dev Bajwa

Introducing … ‘The Football Spider Web: How the Beautiful Game has Evolved’ … by Dev Bajwa! Yes! That’s me! Let’s be real, I couldn’t really begin this new chapter of Ultra UTD with the ‘Library’

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Carlos Tevez article on Ultra United

Apache: The Early Life of Carlos Tevez

If you don’t know much about this, let’s just say that Carlos Tevez’ earlier life wasn’t all too kind to him to say the least. Now available on Netflix across their global audience, is the

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Sir Bobby Robson article on Ultra United

Sir Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager

The ‘Sir Bobby Robson: More than a Manager’ documentary is still available to watch worldwide on Netflix. I don’t ask much of most people – in fact anybody, really! I feel like that the best

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